The 5 Best Mounted Pull Up Bars


Mounted Pull Up Bars are an amazing performance tool for anyone who is looking to step up their home gym game or to supply your own commercial gym. When looking to get stronger and build muscle there is no better place to look than a versatile pull up bar. Our 5 best pull up bar list is comprised of pull up bars that are durable, versatile, and provide a great value for gym enthusiasts and the hardcore bodybuilders. 

Number 5: Ecotric 50" Mounted Chin Up Pull Up Bar

Ecotric Pull Up Bar Dimensions:

Capacity: 500lbs

Width: Up to 53"

Bracket Height: 31"

Bracket Depth: 32"

Bar Length: 50"

Bar Diameter: 1.25" 11 Gauge Steel

Ecotric Pull Up Bar Benefits:

  • Durable
  • High Capacity
  • Simple
  • Inexpensive

Ecotric Pull Up Bar Cons:

  • Only a Few Pull Up Variations

Ecotric Pull Up Bar Summary:

Ecotric brought out a very simple and durable pull up bar. If you are looking to stick to the basic and just want a straight pull up bar, then this is perfect for you. It requires very little set up time and you can get hammering away at some pull ups. Mount this bad boy in your garage, bedroom, basement or anywhere else. 

Ecotric Pull Up Bar Price: 

Ecotric goes for $67 BUY HERE


Number 4: Ultimate Body Press Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Dimensions:

Capacity: 350 lbs

Width: 24" 30"

Bar Diameter: 32 mm Steel

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Benefits:

  • Angled Ergonomic Pull Up Bar
  • Durable
  • Anchor for Accessories
  • Simple

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Cons:

  • Limited Pull Up Variations

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Summary:

Ultimate Body Press combined a great muscle building tool with ergonomics. If you have ever pulled up on a straight bar multiple times for multiples months in a row, then you understand why they made this bar ergonomically friendly. Pulling up on a straight bar can put unnecessary stress on your wrists that can hinder your overall performance. Ultimate Body Press Pull Up bar will be great for those who pay attention to ergonomics and want a slightly versatile pull up bar. 

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Price: 

Ultimate Body Press Pull Up Bar Costs $55 BUY HERE


Number 3: GoPlus Heavy Duty Mounted Pull Up Bar

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Dimensions:

Capacity: 440 lbs

Width: 38"

Off the Wall: 19.7"

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Benefits:

  • Wide Grip Pull Up Option
  • Hammer Pull Up Option
  • Padded Handles
  • Durable

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Cons:

  • Far Off of the Wall

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Summary:

 GoPlus Mounted Pull Up Bar is a heavy duty pull up bar that is multi functional. GoPlus gives the option for a full wide grip pull up position. The wide grip pull up is essential for more muscle and more strength, so having the option is huge. GoPlus also gives the option for a hammer pull up which is great to utilize to full develop your main muscle groups and secondary. GoPlus pull up bar hits the number 3 spot because of it's great price and versatility. 

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Price: 

GoPlus Pull Up Bar Costs $27 BUY HERE

Number 2: Joist Mounted Pull Up Bar

Joist Pull Up Bar Dimensions:

Capacity: 300+ lbs

Bar Diameter: 1.25"

Width: 48"

Joist Pull Up Bar Benefits:

  • Wide Grip Pull Up Option
  • Hammer Pull Up Option
  • Easy Mounting
  • Durable

Joist Pull Up Bar Cons:

  • Specialized Mounting

Joist Pull Up Bar Summary:

Joist mounted pull up bar is another great example of a pull up bar that brings together multiple options for your performance based training. The best training comes from having more than one option in terms of pull up position. Another great characteristic of this pull up bar is how it can be mounted easily to a rafter or overhanging beam. 

Joist Pull Up Bar Price: 

Joist Pull Up Bar Costs $42 BUY HERE

Number 1: Titan Fitness HD Multi Grip Mounted Chin Up Pull Up Bar


Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Dimensions:

Capacity: 600 lbs

Bar Diameter: 1.25" 10 Gauge Steel

Width: 48"

Depth: 30"


Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Benefits:

  • Multiple Pull Up Positions
  • Multiple Accessory Mounting Positions
  • Heavy Duty

Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Cons:

  • 40 lbs

Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Summary:

Titan Fitness gives you everything that you need with this pull up bar. You will be able to do every pull up position that is imaginable with their multiple options. Titan Fitness also gives the option for multiple anchor points for accessories such as TRX. Again, when it comes to getting a pull up bar it is all about the options. In terms of pull ups it is better to have than to not have. The last thing about Titan Fitness HD is how it has a capacity of 600 pounds for you heavy hitters out there who want to stack on the weight. 

Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Price: 

Titan Fitness HD Pull Up Bar Costs $72 BUY HERE